Staff Email and eBoard

Admnistrative and Secretarial Staff

Mr. Sidney Dawson, Principal

Mr. Albert Morales, Assistant Principal

Dr. Karen Russo, Assistant Principal

Ms. Ramona Bregatta. Interim Assistant Principal

Mrs. Miller, Principal's Secretary

Mrs. Miracola, Assistant Principals' Secretary

Mrs. Willoth, Guidance/CST Secretary

Mrs. DiNapoli, Attendance Educational Assistant

Child Study Team

CST eBoard

Mrs. Cornelius, 6th Grade/Learning Consultant

Mrs. Butler, 7th Grade/Psychologist

Mr. Southard, 8th Grade/Social Worker


Exploratory eBoard

Mrs. Daily, Communications

Mrs. Gaul, 3D Art

Mrs. Ennis, 2D Art

Mrs. Gibson-Parker, Computers

Mrs. Shin, Music


Guidance eBoard

Mrs. Malcarney, 6th Grade

Ms. Henry, 7th Grade

Mrs. Lane, 8th Grade

Mrs. Conover, SAC


Music eBoard

Mr. Kain, Chorus/Choir

Mrs. Mandescu, Orchestra

Mr. Marr, Band

Physical Education / Health

Physical Education eBoard

Mr. Douglas, Health/P.E.

Mrs. Malko, Health/P.E.

Mrs. Senges, Health/P.E.

Mr. Wade, Health/P.E.

Special Staff

Ms. Bregatta, Media Specialist

Mrs. Avner, Nurse

Ms. Walsh, Speech

Mrs. Capio, ESL

Mrs. Fowles, Math/ELA

Mr. Krutoff, Math/ELA

Mrs. Coleman, Math/ELA

World Language

World Language eBoard

Ms. Donaghy, Spanish

Mrs. Michael, French

Ms. Concoran, Spanish

Mrs. Gonzalez, Spanish

Ms. Smith, Spanish

Team 1

Team 1 eBoard

Mrs. Billingsley, Math/Language Arts

Ms. Graves, Language Arts

Mr. Haaf, Science

Ms. Kuliczkowski, Math

Mrs. Markus, Language Arts

Mrs. Mleczko, Math

Mrs. Norkus, Language Arts

Mrs. Rose, Humanities

Mrs. Wyckoff, Language Arts

Team 2

Team 2 eBoard

Mrs. Avery, Math/ELA

Mrs. Castillo, Math

Ms. Cohen, Language Arts

Mr. DiCarlo, Science

Mrs. McDonald, Humanities

Mrs. Noll, Language Arts

Team 3

Team 3 eBoard

Mrs. Dryden, Humanities

Mrs. Giordano, Language Arts

Mrs. Houlihan, Science

Ms. McGrath, Math

Mrs. Morocco, Language Arts

Ms. Sullivan, Math/ELA

Team 4

Team 4 eBoard

Ms. Digneo, Math

Ms. Keyack, Science

Mr. Klear, Humanities

Mrs. McAdam, Math/ELA

Mrs. McCoy, Language Arts

Ms. Officer, Math/ELA

Mrs. Wallace, Math/ELA

Mr. Weinstein, Math/ELA

Team 5

Team 5 eBoard

Mrs. Foltz, Science

Mrs. Gertel, Language Arts

Mrs. Muller, Math/ELA

Mrs. Nieves, Humanities

Mr. Tortu, Math

Team 6

Team 6 eBoard

Mr. Corey, Science

Ms. Katz, Math

Mrs. Lipman, Language Arts

Mrs. McAdam, Humanities

Mrs. Weinstein, Math/ELA

Mrs. Wells, Math

Team 7

Team 7 eBoard

Mrs. Morley, Language Arts

Mrs. Nemerofsky, Science

Ms. Ruesch, Math

Mrs. Livecchi, Math/ELA

Mr. Winter, Humanities

Ms. Katz, Math

Team 8

Team 8 eBoard

Mrs. Adams, Math

Mrs. Allen, Language Arts

Ms. Block, Science

Ms. Malone, Math/ELA

Mrs. McDermott, Humanities

Mr. Nixon, Math/ELA

Ms. Stoffers, Math/ELA

Team 9

Team 9 eBoard

Ms. Connelly, Language Arts

Mr. Tritt, Science

Ms. Miller, Math

Mrs. Miscioscia, Humanities

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