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To secure America's global competitiveness, MATHCOUNTS inspires excellence, confidence and curiosity in U.S. middle school students through fun and challenging math programs.

MATHCOUNTS is an enrichment, coaching and competition program that promotes middle school and junior high mathematics and provides students with the foundation for success in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics careers.

MATHCOUNTS influences students at an age when they are formulating attitudes about math and prepares today’s students to be tomorrow’s leaders. The program’s timing in the educational process is selected to impact students when they can still elect to take the appropriate math courses through high school, preparing them for college and math-oriented careers.


MATHCOUNTS heightens student interest in math by making achievement as challenging, exciting and prestigious as a school sport.

At the beginning of the school year, MATHCOUNTS provides a complimentary School Handbook to every middle school across the state.

Teachers use these 300 problems and activities to coach student Mathletes in extracurricular math clubs. After several months of coaching, schools select students to compete individually or as part of a team in written and oral competitions.

At all levels, MATHCOUNTS challenges students’ math skills, develops their self-confidence and rewards them for their achievements.

The MATHCOUNTS Competition

The MATHCOUNTS Competition Program provides the extra incentive and the perfect atmosphere for students to push themselves to achieve more in mathematics. Consisting of fun and creative problems that promote critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, the MATHCOUNTS competitions have written and oral rounds, as well as individual and team components. Though challenging and non-traditional, the competition problems focus on the 6th through 8th grade standards of the National Council of Teachers in Mathematics.

Why Participate in MATHCOUNTS?

More Exposure to Math Can Increase Achievement

The MATHCOUNTS Foundation, along with its supporters, understands the critical need to engage middle school-aged students in more math-related activities. Studies have shown that increased exposure to mathematics can not only change attitudes toward the subject, but can also increase mathematics achievement across a wide range of students.

Sharper Math Skills Can Secure the Future U.S. Economy

Beyond an increase in overall achievement, sharper math skills help support and nurture the U.S. economy. To promote economic growth, the U.S. needs more students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. A recent study conducted by Education Next, an education policy journal, found that by boosting students' math and science skills, the U.S. would add approximately two-thirds of a percentage point to the GDP each year.

Fun Activities Help Shape Positive Attitudes About Mathematics for Life

MATHCOUNTS provides middle school-aged students with the following benefits:

  • A challenging and fun activity that helps students in their math classes.
  • An opportunity to build math skills, promote logical thinking and sharpen analytical ability.
  • A chance to share common interests with new and often long-lasting friends.
  • An opportunity to meet students from other schools.
  • The experience of developing teamwork skills.
  • A chance to compete for scholarships and prizes.
  • A sense of accomplishment that comes from setting and achieving goals.
  • An opportunity to explore mathematics and mathematics-related careers.
  • A chance to explore a variety of math that isn't always taught in middle school classrooms.